Saturday, June 30, 2007

A word or two from Azure

Azure wrote something for this blog last night while we were driving to Wisconsin from our home in Big Lake. I told her I would post it as written so I hope you enjoy her viewpoint:

Today my parents called me a "butt". I still really don't wanna move, so i was just siting on the floor doing nothing. The reason my parents were made was because we were packing to go to SUMMERFEST. The best part is weird al is going to be there and INXS today, probably at this exact moment Chris Daughtry from AI (American Idol). We get to for the first time to Summerfest stay at a good (like rich people) hotel called the Radisson dad said we might see some of the artist from the concerts. Last year we saw Yellow Card at the mall :^0 !!
We are also getting to stop in Rapids (thats where my mom's family lives) and this time my uncle Troy is going to be there (he is like almost never there) I am sooo excited!! Now we're finally here and it is 9:22pm so it's not late but we left at like 3 something (we had to stop a few times). This is probably the last time I'm going to be here ever in my life so I need to log off to look around.
Azure Trio Jones

Photo taken of Azure next to the pool at Samoa Lodge Tortuguerro

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Anonymous said...

Azure has great taste in music. Weird Al is hysterical and INXS rocks! Enjoy Summerfest.