Sunday, June 24, 2007

Still no time to relax - well maybe a little!

Everyone must be tired of me talking about how busy we are by now. Truth is that we've been trying to relax these past few days in between our bursts of madness. Yesterday we even attended the local Spud Fest parade and I had a good sugar buzz from all the candy!

Patrick was busy cleaning the carpets here in the house Thursday and Friday since we knew it would be easier after everything was moved out. He also cleaned out his car and shampooed the entire thing while we had the Rug Doctor. We put the car for sale on Craig's List yesterday morning and already have had several interested parties. This is cool cuz we would like to have it sold before we head back to Wisconsin later this week for our second visit and Summerfest.

We've slowly been buying some of the items we packed and actually still needed like a coffee maker. Yesterday while trying to put pictures of Patrick's car up on Craig's list, we realized how important it was to have a USB cable for the camera (we packed it -duh). So after several trips to Walmart, I finally remembered to buy a card reader. So, now I can post some more new pictures. yeah!

Here is Patrick hiding behind some plastic containers on Wednesday, June 13th. This is the day before the "big move" and we are busy organizing everything, labeling, and creating our inventory list. Fun!

Patrick asked me to add this next photo of the inside of our garage to illustrate how everything you own can fit in a three car garage (except your furniture).

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