Friday, June 8, 2007

update to full container load (FCL)

The company bringing the container called yesterday. They said they have been very busy with moves to Costa Rica this month. They asked which day we would like the container to arrive. I asked her "how does the schedule work?" My understanding was someone brings it one day and leaves it over night for us to pack and then picks it up the next day. She kind of giggled at that idea.

What really happens, according to Tracy at Alpico Co. International, will be a driver pulling up with a container at a specified time. He will wait in the truck for two hours while we load the container and then he leaves. If we need more than two hours, the company charges $100 per hour (for him to sit as his butt)!

Tracy said that for a 20ft container it shouldn't take more than two hours. She personally has packed some full to the brim and it still only took the specified time. Of course, I forgot to ask how many people were packing the container so I'll have to call her back today.

We have hired two college guys who had a website and claim to do moves all the time. They charge $75 per hour plus $50 to drive to Big Lake. Patrick scheduled them to be at the house at 8:30am because the truck with the container will arrive at 10 and we want everything pre-wrapped and ready to load when it arrives. I think 90 minutes seems like a lot of time to shrink wrap but I've never done it so I can't argue.

I will update my blog tomorrow with details from the discussion I have with Tracy today so everyone will know how this moving process works.

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jen poco loco said...

Hi Jodi -

Really nice blog. When I have a little more time I will explore further, but right now I gotta get out to my garage and start crackin'. We are making the same move right around the corner. Our flight is July 7 (trying to get settled before Bella starts kindergarten on July 23).

Wanna swap blogs on the blogroll. Mine is at

Also, would love to get in touch with you offline. My email is I have some questions and would love to mutually support through this awful, ugly transition stage.

Hope to talk to you soon,