Monday, June 4, 2007

Big Thanks!

Not much has been happening here (that's worth blogging about anyway). We officially have our Big Lake home on the market and had one showing over the weekend. We are still packing/minimizing our packed items. We picked out and purchased appliances to take with us to Costa Rica at Best Buy Saturday night. The salesman was nice and very interested in our move and the real estate market in Costa Rica (it's very good now). He currently owns property in Hawaii which he considers a great investment even though he only gets to enjoy the place once per year. I'm still plugging away with my items on Ebay -my Mrs. Beasley and Howdy Dowdy are soaring way above estimate!

So, I've been meaning to say a big thanks to everyone who clicks on the Google ads on my site. It seems kinda silly but each time someone clicks on an ad, I earn between 25-65 cents. That may not seem like much but when we are down in Costa Rica and not making any money until we get that "right job" it could mean enough to eat everyday! Also, doing a Google search from my page and then clicking on one of those ads will also earn me some money, I'm not sure how much since no one has done it yet, though...

So, Please Click Away! Thanks!!

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