Wednesday, June 20, 2007

our life is too busy

be prepared this is text talk

hi and welcome to this section of the blog this is azure and not jodi (aka her daughter) the last few months we have been soooo busy thats why i'm typing and not mom
last week i was at my grandma's house well mom and dad did last minute packing and shipped the cart there was a bit of a problem because we had so much crap we had to have the truck turn around and go back and get a 40 ft instead of a 20 ft container. thinkin' back it makes sense we had to fill 2 houses instead of one

now its SUPER boring because are house is like completely empty
o wait let's go back to this last weekend we got to go to my great-grandma & grandpa's house because my cousin had a wedding it was sooooooo much fun because we partied a lot and i got to see family that was great but yet so sad because that meant more goodbyes. i'm getting sick and tired of goodbyes. 1st all of school now all my family. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! :(
i have to leave now since i cant use the stove we've been getting a lot of take out so bye bye computer hello pizza argggggggggggggg

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