Saturday, June 9, 2007

nothing new

I didn't get a chance (forgot) to call Tracy about packing the container yesterday. We had a pretty busy day. We emptied our huge walk in storage closet finally! And I managed to find my stamp collection I have been looking for ever since I left Denver (I thought for sure someone stole it -shame on me!).

My Mom called and said they would be home this weekend after all since the lodge they had planned to visit for paddling had been wiped out by a tornado Thursday night! Luckily everyone is ok but she said all the buildings are destroyed! So, the good news is that we drove Azure up to Superior, Wisconsin to meet my Mom. She will be staying in Ashland for the week and we will pick her up Friday in Stevens Point. This is the last chance she has to spend time with my Mom before we move to Costa Rica so she was happy and sad at the same time. I'm just glad she can be with my Mom for the weekend too not just a short week (originally we were planning to drop her off Sunday evening and my Mom has to work all week...)
I have to end this post so I can drag things out of the garage for a sale. I must get rid of more things so we have room to walk in the garage at least. I need someone to buy the snow blower!! Yeah, no more shoveling or dealing with snow!

The photo of my Mom, Phil, and Azure was taken on our balcony of the Rain Forest Aerial Tram Lodge right before our night walk. Azure didn't want to take off her rain slicker even though it wasn't raining anymore!

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