Thursday, June 28, 2007

what next?

Where do I start? We still didn't have our duplex closing today and it doesn't look to be closing soon. The title for Patrick's car still hasn't arrived in the mail (but we did receive $400 down payment from the woman whose husband is in Iraq). The couple who want to buy our Big Lake house were unable to reach the loan officer until yesterday so we still don't have a purchase agreement. Since we are waiting on everything here in Big Lake we are still sleeping on the floors instead of enjoying the beds at my grandparents as planned last week (what next?)

Good news is that Azure has spent everyday this week with one friend or another so she is VERY happy. My Mom has decided to meet us in Wisconsin this weekend for one last visit.

I need to go because we are having a big fire with all our old paperwork so no one can get hold of our social security numbers (I burned out our paper shredder!)

I wanted to put up a new post before I'm gone again with no Internet access. fun

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Saratica said...

I found your blog thru costa rica crazy and enjoyed reading your adventure so far! loved the property pictures and hope your closing happens soon. look forward to hearing more trip reports - we've been here a year and a half and love it. hope to meet you one day soon!