Monday, June 25, 2007

more hassles but mostly good things happening!

(Patrick would like me to point out that this post is slightly off-topic since it is more about us and how the move is affecting us than about Costa Rica so those not interested in our lives don't have to read the entire post. Good Point!)

Patrick had a good response to his ad on Craig's list about his car. He is currently showing it to a woman whose brother is in Iraq and wants to buy the car since he is coming home soon. I am against wars which is one of the reasons I love Costa Rica (they don't have an army), but I feel for the guys who are fighting and hope we can give this guy a good deal.

Anyway, Patrick realized last night that he accidentally packed the title for the car (another duh!) so we went to the State registrar today. She took our money and said "thanks. you should have your title in 5-7 days." Whoa! We won't be here then. She said they don't expedite them anymore due to budget cuts. ? What a dumb thing to get rid of.... Hopefully, they print it, get it in the mail, and we can receive it before Thursday!

We showed the house last night to this young couple that have been clients of Patrick's since last year. They really like the house (especially the low price) and are contacting the mortgage broker Patrick recommended to them. I have a good feeling about this and would love for a quick close. The guy actually said "is Uhaul still open?" before he left last night because he knew he wanted to move in right away. That's a bonus!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that our duplex still has not closed! We now have our fingers crossed that this fourth closing date for Thursday will be "the one".

I refuse to stay in town and miss Summerfest! Azure is counting on seeing
Weird Al, Patrick wants to see Asia, and I am patiently waiting for The Cat Empire and Spoon!! Woohoo! I still have to remember to change our Milwaukee hotel stay dates so we can stay through Sunday. I haven't told Azure who will be there that day but it's someone we will all enjoy! Anyone interested in concerts should check out the Summerfest website cuz once you see the lineup, you won't want to miss the festival!

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