Thursday, June 21, 2007

I can see in a new clear way!

again this is azure and again there will be some texty talk

yesterday i got a pair of glasses *groan* i am mad it took so long to get 'em but over all its good i got them because now i can see *scream happily*

next time we go to Costa Rica (and permanently) i will be able to actually see all the beautiful wonderful stuff and this time not fuzzy

my glasses are really cool they're like a navy blue on the outside and then there is a thin white line on the edges then they're light blue yeaaaaaaaaaaa

the funniest thing happened yesterday when i was wearing them i was spinning around in circles, like i normally do but its hard to see out the sides and i got dizzy and fell over (that was at night so it was also hard to see)

now we had this special deal and mommy got a pair too. her glasses/sunglasses they are sooo kool but they kinda look strange but thats probable only 'cause i'm not usta her in sunglasses

ok thats all i got for now ill probaly add more about other unimportant stuff so im soz but signing off *trumpetsblow* dadadaadaaa charge

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