Thursday, May 3, 2007

finally signed a contract

So, we finally received and signed a purchase option for "our house" as I have been calling the property we hope to own some day soon. Since the other couple's option doesn't end until Saturday, we officially can not sign the final purchase agreement so it is technically only an option to purchase. But, from the discussions with our lawyer and realtor, it has become apparent that the house will be ours since the other couple still haven't gotten their financing. We will sign final paperwork next week.

As I promised earlier, I will share the name of our realtor and even our lawyer's name after all paperwork is finalized. I want everyone to benefit from the wonderful treatment we have received especially since Patrick has been reading about so many bad experiences others have dealt with in Costa Rica.

For now, Patrick has decided we should show close ups of pictures. Can anyone guess what this is a picture of (just leave a comment) -we're starting with an easy one. If people enjoy this game, we'll make them harder!

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