Sunday, May 20, 2007

I now reveal our realtor and his company

We finally have our entire Big Lake house painted and new hardwood floors installed in the kitchen, dining room, foyer. We installed new lights throughout the house (instead of the cheap ones that were here when the house was first built). Plus, we ordered new appliances which arrive tomorrow. So, all in all, we should be able to get our house on the market this week! The good news is that during our garage sale yesterday, one of the neighbors said that their brother may be interested so he may be coming by today to look at the place! We don't have all the furniture put back yet but we trust he will look past that... It would be great to sell this place before putting it on the market but I don't want to get to excited yet.

Anyway, I know I promised information regarding our realtor in Costa Rica, but given all the work I have been doing (did I mention I planted flowers in the garden and they are already dying due to high winds?) I haven't had the chance. So, here is the information I know some of you have been waiting for: Colin Miller realtor with Buyer's Agents of Costa Rica in conjunction with Vacation City. Patrick and I both highly recommend Colin. He helped us with everything we asked of him and as a matter of fact he is still emailing us information even though our transaction with him is complete. Shortly after we met him last November, he started working out of the Jaco office (Pacific Coast) but he still took the time to show us the homes we were interested in when we returned in March. So, he made the 90 minute drive back to San Jose just so he could meet with us personally instead of handing us off to someone else in his office. We really appreciate all the help he has provided and wish him the best of luck in Jaco. If anyone is looking for property in the Jaco area, please give Colin a call and tell him we say "hi!".

Here is part of a recent email I received from Colin's broker, George Bradbury, with Buyer's Agents of Costa Rica:

We felt we had to open an office in Jaco - on the Central Pacific Coast. This area has been growing for a dozen years now, and it has a large concentration of ex-pats. The attraction is easy to see - a variety of beaches, lots of hotels, restaurants and condos, great sport fishing, golf and more. Residents are less than 2 hours to San Jose, the International Airport, and Manuel Antonio National Park. Our new Buyer's Agents of Costa Rica office is managed by Colin Miller, the happy fisherman on the left with a recent home buyer! Most of the time, you will find him
and his agents covering their territory which includes all of Jaco, the Los Suenos Resort by Marriot, Puntarenas to the north and heading south to the beautiful beaches of Esterillos, Manuel Antonio and Quepos
.Click Here to See All of Our Listings Near Jaco

I would like to tell you about our lawyer as well but I leave that for the next post.

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