Friday, May 25, 2007

Can't wait to move!

I know I promised to provide the name of our lawyer so I want everyone to know that Grettel S. Caldera provided us with exceptional service. She called and emailed frequently which helped immensely! Plus, after the home was purchased our property was registered with the Costa Rica government within one week which surprised everyone even Grettel! Grettel was recommended to us by our realtor, Colin Miller, since she works with his company, Buyer's Agents of Costa Rica. I am unsure if she works with them exclusively or not but if anyone is interested in her email address, please ask.

So, we have been working hard to get our Big Lake house on the market. The neighbors never came by to look at the place but we have received a call from a woman who saw our ad on Craig's List... If we don't have anyone interested by Wednesday, we have decided to officially list as a For Sale By Owner on the MLS. We hope to at least have an offer by the end of June but the market in this area is very tough right now...

I know a lot of people are wondering how they will contact us once we move. Since we don't speak Spanish very well, we have heard that receiving mail at the local post office may be difficult (remember there are no addresses in Costa Rica only locations). We plan to set up a Post Office box in Miami via the ARCR for important mail since they charge by weight. Otherwise, the computer will be our main form of communication. I suppose it's possible we may receive mail using the local post office so here is our "official" location:
Concepcion de San Rafael de Heredia, 50 meters east from Rio Turales

I guess we will go to the Post Office and introduce ourselves. Then, if someone wants to send a post card or something as a test, we'll stop by once a week or so and see if it arrives. I'll follow up on the blog and let everyone know how it goes. I have also heard that packages may never arrive since they are thoroughly "investigated" by customs officials and if they like what they see they will just keep it. Sounds interesting to say the least...

Well, it's time I do some more cleaning and packing. I'll try to write again soon. By the way, don't forget to bid for my items on Ebay !

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