Friday, May 11, 2007

Oh, Happy Days!

Yes, we finalized the purchase today! We now own a property in Costa Rica! Woo Hoo!

I realize I haven't written much in a while and I hope you understand that we have been busy with a capital B. Monday we wired the money to Costa Rica and visited the duplex to look at last minute fix ups. Later that night, we found out that the buyer we had lined up to purchase the duplex decided against it. So, Tuesday I updated Craig's list and immediately had someone interested! (how could we lose with a title "practically giving this duplex away!") Wednesday, Patrick met with a gentleman and his realtor and wrote up a purchase agreement. He came home and convinced me it was a good deal and we both signed. Yesterday he met with the gentleman again and received an earnest money check. In the afternoon, our realtor called from Costa Rica and said they received the wire and were setting up the closing for Friday (today). This morning we took the title paperwork to the title company for the duplex. When we returned home, we had an email from our lawyer stating the owner of the property was there to sign paperwork and receive payment. She also attached a copy of our corporation information.

Oh, plus, we have had the painter at our house so we have been busy packing more and moving furniture. We picked dreamy white for the entire house which looks somewhat pink but should highlight our new Tiffany-esque light fixtures. I know it sounds weird but it looks better than the old off white/yellow walls we used to have (you should see the difference!).

Patrick let me buy a turntable with USB connection so I am currently recording Devo New Traditionalist! I haven't heard this album in ages! The plan is record all my vinyl before we leave and then I can sell or donate the collection so we don't have to pack the whole thing. I have quite a large collection so hopefully I can get the majority done...

I expect to have our Big Lake house on Craig's List next week and possibly on the market with a For Sale By Owner company the following week (if we don't have anyone interested before then). The painting and new kitchen/dining room floor will be in by end of next week. We would like to have a closing before mid-July if possible so we will need to "practically giving this house away" also!

My Mom and Phil are coming to help us with our big garage sale this weekend. And of course we will make Phil help move furniture and my Mom will need to help put new shelf paper down. I hate doing shelf paper! Anyway, I will post information regarding our realtor and his company plus our lawyer later this weekend (or Monday if I am swamped as usual!)
I know I posted these photos before, but this is now officially "our house" (even though there are two houses). We'll live in the upper one and rent the lower one -or have friends and family use it!

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