Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Done deal?

The closing was yesterday and the owner of the property signed the purchase option. Our lawyer presented him with a down payment check and we wired the balance to our realtor's account in Costa Rica. The wire should appear in the account within 5 days (hopefully). At that time, our lawyer will again meet with the owner of the property and have him sign the final paperwork. Then, he is obligated to stay in the house until July 1st. We should arrive in Costa Rica mid-July. We will sign paperwork transferring the property to a corporation we are setting up specifically for this purpose and then we will be given the keys. Currently, the house is in a corporation set up by our realtor's company but we are the sole share holders.

So, I guess we are almost the owners of 4 houses (two in Minnesota and two in Costa Rica)! Wow! Hopefully we can sell our homes here before we leave but that is turning into a longer process than I imagined...

Now we need to concentrate on getting Azure's school set up. Classes begin on July 30th so we need to get her registered by the end of this month. We also need to start the process of becoming legal residents of Costa Rica because we want to make sure we do it legit. The ARCR will help us with this lengthy process.

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