Saturday, May 26, 2007

Azure's new school

Azure has officially been added to the 2007/2008 roster at the European School. Yeah! We just loved the school and are happy that she will be attending a private school close to home. The drive shouldn't take more than 10 minutes. But there is a slight problem since the bus from San Rafael is full - it only seats 14 students. Patrick and I will be making the drive to San Pablo twice a day so I guess we are lucky that it is only 7 miles away. It should be fun trying to figure out the shortcut, though, since we know there is one but we aren't quite sure where to take it. I guess we aren't 100% sure how to get to our house from San Rafael, for that matter! What an adventure!

In case you are interested in the school, classes starts on July 31st and Azure will attend school year round. There is a two week break in October, 6 weeks for Christmas, another 2 weeks off in March, and then 6 more weeks in June/July before the start of the next school year. We are all really excited about this schedule. Azure loves school and hates going back after summer break only because she has to "start all over again since the rest of the kids forgot everything". This way there should be no "review" time. Plus, each year they study a particular theme. Azure will be in 6th grade so she will be studying Africa. We looked at the books she will be reading and they look wonderful - I have not seen any of them before so it means we can all share in the learning! I am confident she will receive a much broader education than she is currently used to even with all our travels to help.

My pictures of the school are terrible since they were taken quickly as an after-thought. Please check out the school website for more info and better photos.
photos from top: lunch room, class rooms, and drop off/pick up area

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