Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I need to book a flight soon

Nothing exciting to report except that I found cheap flights on Spirit Airlines. We should be able to fly from Chicago to San Jose for $324 one way but Patrick says he doesn't think they will actually allow us to fly one way since we are leaving the country. I think since we will have sent in our paperwork to get residency, we should be able to fly one way. I guess we will wait and see. Our other option appears to be Taca Airlines for $414 as a multi-destination package from Chicago to San Jose in July and then return to Miami in October when Azure has her fall break. We should actually have our residency by then so we won't have to leave the country but in case we decide to use the flight to Miami, we will be able to get another inexpensive flight from there back to San Jose.

Things are still up in the air regarding our departure date so I will do some more searches for flights. If anyone has a good suggestion, please let me know.

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