Friday, March 16, 2007

new day new info


We are one step closer to owning our house after wiring a down payment today. Hooray!

I would love to share with everyone the real estate company we have been using, but I am afraid that someone may see our house on the website and decide to put in their own offer. So until I am 100% positive that the house is ours, I am not willing to post info about that company.

What I am willing to share today is the website to the school Azure will be attending in late July. After spending time with the principal, we are confident we have made the right choice in moving to Costa Rica. The name of the school is the European School of Costa Rica:

By the way, something I forgot to mention is the fact that the majority of the English speaking private schools we were investigating are located in the Central Valley of Costa Rica. Which means we won't be living by the beach quite yet, but we are within two hour drive to either coast so we will definitely be spending weekends there.

If you need a smile today, check out one of my new favorite songs by Belle and Sebastian Click here for the MP3 file called "Funny Little Frog".

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