Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Life in Costa Rica - being patient

Well, I started this post on Wednesday but wasn't able to finish it and a lot has happened since then. We may or may not have lost the house. We might not know until May 10th if it is ours or not. I don't want to explain the situation but trust me when I say that I am not happy or satisfied with this decision. Since the post I started on Wednesday is about patience, it is very fitting. So I will publish what I started Wednesday:

Welcome to Wednesday! (This is how I greet Azure every morning when I wake her up. Then I give her a big hug to start the day.)

Our wire transfer still hasn't reached the bank in Costa Rica (we sent it Friday). I've been told by several people that this is typical. A wire transfer can take up to a week and if you try to write a check to your bank in Costa Rica to transfer funds from the States to your CR bank, it can take 6 weeks! Actually, the money will be deducted from your bank in the States but won't show up in your account in CR until much later. So in essence, your money is in limbo. What's up with that?

Which brings me to today's topic. Patience. I am not a very patient person. But on the other hand, when I know I will have to wait for something, I can handle it much better.

Knowing that I have to wait until May to find out if we will own the house we thought we already purchased is beyond my current capabilities. I feel like I am going crazy. One minute I am mad and the next sad...

The thing is that we don't have a second home picked out that we all agree upon. One house that could be a possibility is too far up the mountain and seemed cold- we would have to have a fire every night to stay warm. Another one had a strange layout that was funky to me but Patrick thought it too strange to be able to resell it later. Another one we continue to call the "dog house" had a HUGE yard but the owners allow all the stray dogs in the neighborhood to hang out in their house. It wouldn't be so bad maybe if they would clean their house but they don't and I am highly allergic to dogs so I couldn't even enter it to see what it was like inside.

I have company this weekend- my Mom is here to help pack. So, I will write more about life in Costa Rica tomorrow because patience is a subject that must be covered in more depth!

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