Sunday, April 22, 2007

Full Container Loads (FCL) -not for everyone

So, you're thinking of moving to Costa Rica? Do you need to ship all of your possessions? The answer is "No, of course not." Shipping things down is not for everyone.

If Patrick and I had decided to move to Costa Rica 15 years ago, we probably would have gone with a single suitcase each! Now that we are a family of three, our priorities have changed. As with anything in life, everyone has their own preference and agenda.

We have decided to move our things for many different reasons. One reason in particular is because I hate to shop! I know this may sound strange, but when I find something I like, I stick with it. It's not uncommon to find me wearing a shirt with a small hole in it or frayed collars- it just means it's a favorite of mine. Same with furniture. It takes me forever to pick out something I would actually consider using in my house. Once it's purchased, it will stay there until broken or damaged in some way. Then it will only be replaced if it is a necessity. Bottom line, I am frugal.

Since we will need to furnish two houses (given that we actually buy the property we like with the guest house) means that no matter what we ship, I will still need to go shopping once we get there. Maybe I'll enjoy it? I am looking forward to buying two handcrafted rocking chairs in Sarchi. Sarchi is known for great handcrafted woodwork especially hand painted oxcarts. I haven't been there yet but a shopping trip tops my list of must-do activities once we are settled in our new place. Here is some good info regarding Sarchi:

Back to shipping a FCL, we think this is OUR best option. Some people only need to bring a few things. Everyone we talked to said the most important items to bring with you are computers and stereo equipment. Mostly quality electronic items are hard to find at good values in Costa Rica. I will post more details regarding full container loads tomorrow.

Azure enjoying a drink in Tortuguero

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