Thursday, April 19, 2007

Our troubles with packing a FCL (full container load)

I just wanted to write a quick note about our packing situation.

We have been packing everything we feel we need to take with us into plastic containers. This isn't typical stuff like most people consider as necessary: family heirlooms and pictures. Our idea of necessary consists of books, Cd's, computer software, DVDs, computers, printers, and only SOME furniture.

My Mom thinks it sad that I have thrown away all of my childhood memorabilia. My husband on the other hand thinks it is hilarious that I still have them. Things like tennis trophies from tournaments I entered when I was 7, cereal premiums, and my Six Million Dollar Man trading cards. Well, I am a pop culture junkie so some of those things were hard to part with. At least I feel better that some of them are going to good homes (check my E-bay sales -just search for items by seller go-doggo:!

The point is that we can only take what fits in a FCL. At first we were thinking, "we can't possibly fill a 20ft container!" But now we have sectioned off a portion of our garage to match the inside dimensions of the container. YIKES! We actually need to cut back on our treasures!

How will we survive, we wonder, with only 10 boxes of books instead of 20 or 30? Have I mentioned yet that books are outrageously expensive in Costa Rica? I priced new paperbacks at $16-18 for the $7.99 variety here in the States. Most books were $28-32. We can't live with that when we are the type of family to read 2-3 books a week each! We currently live at the library...
Anyway this is getting long winded so I will end for today. More on this tragedy later this week!

These girls were obviously happy to see us! (taken while on the bus during ride to San Jose from canals of Tortuguero National Park)

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