Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sharing the road in Costa Rica

Most roads are two car widths wide but it can choke down to 1 ½ car widths in places without warning (especially rural towns). Also, you will be sharing the road with not just other cars and trucks but also motorcycles, scooters, bikes, pedestrians, dogs, chickens, ox carts, and the occasional runaway cow. And be aware that no one uses the sidewalk. Considering cars have the right away here in Costa Rica, it’s surprising that the pedestrians don’t move out of the way. Often we see groups of six or more in the middle of the road walking side by side (and cars forced to go around them)!

There are pretty views all around you. But if you’re the driver, please keep your eyes on the road because there is a homeless dog wandering around every blind corner.

Oh yea, and just one pet peeve (of Patrick’s). I like the fact that many people pull over when they are talking on their cell phone but can they please pull all the way over and not just stop in the middle of the lane?


jen poco loco said...

Great photos. Except, the road looks too wide....


amanda said...

as a 20-yr-old Minnesotan browsing Costa Rica blogs I find yours quite intriguing! I am going to be sure to read up on all of your journey.. Your cost of living is a prime example of what it's like to live in the slow lane... I've travelled a lil bit in Central America but have only stayed overnight in Costa Rica, but know a lot of people who have moved there. May I ask, what made your family want to move to la tierra de pura vida? (Mi espanol no es muy bien). Was it everything but the wonderful winters in Minnesota, which might I had we had to have had the worst winter (COLDEST) ever this year and I am freezing as I type this! haha.
Anyways, It's nice to read your blog and maybe I missed your reasons why.. or maybe the answer can be left unsaid lol.

Your pictures are so cool too :-D

Amanda said...

I guess I should have read more before I asked those questions! Wal-Mart in Costa Rica!? haha. Great tip for Kayak I hadn't thought about clearing the cookies! How much did the container cost you? I think I would want 30 boxes of books too haha muchisima gracias!!

Jones Family said...

Thanks for reading our blog! Our final cost for the container came to around $8000 (if I remember correctly). Now that we are here there are so many more things I wish I would have brought instead of sold or given away. But we do have enough to survive which is what counts! I know everyone moves for different reasons. A few of ours would be to avoid Minnesota weather, inexpensive private school for our daughter which provides a better well-rounded education, and an over-all change to our health including better diet and more exercise (it was hard for us to avoid the temptation of tv and using the internet all day). Now if we can figure out how to earn some money down here,all will be nearly perfect!