Friday, April 11, 2008

Patrick’s thoughts on Road Rules in Costa Rica

We noticed something different last week at an ordinary 4 way intersection. Normally we have the right of way turning left because the other direction has stop signs. At least that was the case.

So starting last week, people were blowing through the intersection (not always uncommon) but it was happening all the time now and right in front of us. Twice we were almost hit by cars turning in front of us and missing by what seemed like inches. A few days later when we took a closer look, we realized that the intersection only has one stop sign left and that one is barely hanging on by one screw.

We wondered what happened to the other sign and in fact, the whole post is gone too! Maybe someone scrapped it for the 28 cents that they could get from the metal buyers? Maybe the city took it to make sure people were paying attention? Or they had a different intersection that it was needed at more?

That started me thinking, who makes the street signs here? No one is put in prison long enough to make a sign. Maybe that’s why there are so few signs around?

**UPDATE** We went back this afternoon with camera in hand to take a picture of the upside down stop sign and someone has taken it already! You can see the last remaining post in the photo but no sign.

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P & K Ashland said...

I can certainly see why you don't like to drive there.
I guess I won't have to worry about buying a car there-I'll just ride with you and pay for the gas. How does that sound?