Friday, April 4, 2008

3 quarters down, one to go

Yesterday was the end of Azure's third quarter of school. Today we met with her teacher for a conference. Unlike the States, teacher conferences are mandatory at the end of each quarter. I like this method. We always have things to discuss with Azure's teachers!

For those interested, most of Azure's grades have gone up. Most importantly, she has been doing better in Spanish. Her teachers say she understands enough but needs to put her knowledge to use because she just doesn't want to speak Spanish (I wonder where she gets that from?) LOL!

Alll in all, things are good!


P & K Ashland said...

Field trip sounded great.

Remember in the US it's about:

Everything the school did in Big Lake was due to rules.

Anonymous said...

you are so glad you left us up here. we just lost a whole lot of stuff due to budgets cuts....they had to cut 1.8million from our budget. Hope all is well down there. Not sure what was all cut but at least some stuff was left.

Jones Family said...

This election, vote with your feet! We did and gota say it's been better here...Patrick