Wednesday, July 25, 2007

This is Costa Rica!

We received an email from Charles Zeller yesterday to let us know our container would be delayed 2 more weeks. My first reaction wasn't normal because I wasn't surprised or upset. I figure I just need to expect these types of things now. Charles even concluded the email by stating "This is Costa Rica!" I wasn't looking forward to sharing the good news with Patrick, though. When I did finally tell him, he just laughed.

I guess our attempt to avoid sleeping on tile floors didn't quite work. I told Patrick this just means he'll have to put up our hammocks sooner instead of later. He said he planned to purchase an air mattress. We'll see who wins...


Erin said...

Oh yes, this is definitely Costa Rica! Your reaction is great though, just keep reproducing it. I remind myself to breathe and just remember that I'm living in tico culture, so I'm the one who has to adjust.

Anyway, good luck on the actual flying part of your move and [almost] welcome to Costa Rica!

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