Thursday, July 12, 2007

more driving to visit family before we move

Since we didn't need to be in Minnesota for any particular reason, we took off early yesterday morning (Wednesday) and drove straight thru to Denver to visit Patrick's brother, Sean. We made it in one piece after only a 15 hour drive but had a close call coasting into one gas station on fumes!

I must sign off - we have places to go, people to visit, etc.

Azure typed up something in the car yesterday that she asked me to post. I don't quite follow it but here goes:

Hello bloggers,
This is a very slow day it is 11 pm and we have been on the since 9 am it is totally absurd. To me that makes no since, but driving from MN to CO in one day is just too weird to imagine. We were going to leave on Thursday, but all of a sudden (flash back to yesterday Tuesday and this morning) I got up in the morning from just getting back from WI and I hadn't seen my friend Sam for a long time soo anyways I went over to play and all of a sudden my parents came over and said that I needed to come home because we were leaving in the morning.
"Mom, why!?!?!" I asked.
"So if we leave now we can to CO then can be back if something happens." Mom explained.
"OK," and that's all I could say.
So mom was being really nice and Kirst (Kirsten my bff from 1st grade and still is). When we woke up mom was on a rampage because I forgot to put my backpack together that I was saposta put together last night. That meant I had to put it together in the morn (lest time for other stuff I needed to get done).
Now we're here and duh I should have known lots of lightnin'.
Bye talk soon,

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