Monday, March 10, 2008

Spring has sprung

I admit I still don’t quite grasp this season thing here in Costa Rica. Everyone refers to the current season as summer. Now I do understand that this is the dry season as opposed to the rainy season but that still doesn’t translate for me. Let me explain why.

Last year in October I posted how it felt like fall. The weather turned a bit cooler and the leaves on the trees started turning color and falling gently to the ground. Just like Fall back in Minnesota. Now don’t get me wrong, the daytime temperature still hovered in the 70’s and at the same time some of the trees in our yard were losing their leaves others were budding (but I think that may be due to the fact that the caterpillars ate all their leaves –I’ll fill you in on that phenomena in another post).

So, on to my point. This entire week has so felt like spring I’m just a “smiley button” as Patrick puts it. We received a few light rains this week and two full inches on Wednesday afternoon. The mornings have been gorgeous. I generally sit outside and read in the mornings but this week I have been busy trying to identify the new bird songs and catching glimpses of birds mating (including owls and hummingbirds). All the trees in the yard are budding, flowering, or fruiting. Even the coffee plants flowered into a beautiful white “puffball” which made the fields around us look like it had snowed (top photo). Plus we have been noticing more/different butterflies floating around.

Spring never held the appeal for me that fall offered while in the States because I enjoyed the color of the leaves and spring always meant dirty puddles of melted snow. But this year I’d have to say that this has been my favorite spring and I am happy it’s not over yet especially given that the rainy season will be upon us soon and I can start planting more flowers in my gardens.

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P & K Ashland said...

How beautiful and wish I was there to enjoy with you!