Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Moving to Florida

Wow! Has it been forever since I’ve written on this blog, or what?!

I’d really be surprised if anyone told me they are still reading this thing, but thought I’d update it just in case…

Our newest adventure pertains to our decision to move to Florida. Yes, we’re planning a move back to the States. Patrick is itching to get back to work (go figure)! So we did a bunch of research and found that both Broward County and Palm County Florida have a couple of great schools (believe it or not- I was shocked). Azure will be able to attend a public school again but they have magnet programs for teaching. These programs will allow her to begin student teaching at the local elementary schools while still in high school and also earn college credit! Since she really wants to be a teacher, this will be an excellent opportunity for her to get her feet wet.

We’re all pretty excited about the move but a little sad to leave our beautiful property. If anyone happens to be interested in this great place (1/3 acre plus two houses), we’re selling it for only $152,900 plus we’ll throw in our 4x4 car with a closing before June 30th!

We have four pages of pictures on Photobucket:

Just email us at crhome4sale@yahoo.com for more info.

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