Monday, January 28, 2008

Long Break

I never intended to stop writing this blog. It just became more difficult while Azure enjoyed her “summer break”. She’s back in classes now so I will continue updating this blog. First I will try to catch everyone up on all our excitement over break and then I will fit back into a regular groove again.

My next entry will cover the San Jose Tope. Then I have updates to the ditch story and the leaf cutter ants. Also, we explored more of Costa Rica during a visit my Mom and brother made earlier this month. So, I do have plenty of stories to tell.

For now, I’ll leave you with a photo taken Christmas Eve. Our Christmas here in Costa Rica turned out to be peaceful but slightly boring. We’re so used to spending Christmas with my enormous family that it seemed odd to be on our own this year. I guess the most important thing for us happened to be that Santa found our new home. It could have been disastrous otherwise because Patrick and I didn’t do much Christmas shopping (we didn’t get each other anything since we don’t need anything and only bought 3 small things for Azure). Since imports are taxed heavily, we designed wrapped file cards for Azure which described her future presents to be purchased while in Florida next trip. It all turned out ok…

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