Thursday, September 20, 2007

Happy Independence Day, Costa Rica!

Saturday September 15th Costa Rica celebrated it’s Independence from Spain. Azure’s school invited parents to enjoy a kid’s parade followed by a program of singing, dancing, and refreshments Friday morning. Each elementary class performed something different. Azure’s class performed a traditional Costa Rican song on the ocarina and then sang a song. Patrick and I had been listening to Azure practice her song on the ocarina for weeks but when the class started to sing, I was shocked. Azure loves to sing and this was the first time I knew about the song. She told me later she had been trying very hard to keep it a secret. Nice job, Azure (she can never keep secrets)! I enjoyed the entire program!

Saturday the three of us walked downtown because we heard every town in the entire country would be having a parade at 10am. We arrived in town shortly before 10am and were lucky to catch the beginning of the parade. After 90 minutes into the parade with no end in sight, we decided to head to the church. We all loved the parade but it seemed almost every school in the entire area attended which wouldn’t be so bad but they all played the same song on the drums and wore almost the same costumes. The strangest part - which I feel inclined to share because I need to know from the readers if this is something that happens everywhere or just in Costa Rica - the kids were roped off with parents holding the ropes and walking alongside the kids. They literally blocked the kids making it impossible to get good photos! Why? Only a handful of schools didn’t do this…


Anonymous said...

Been following your blog all summer, as we reside in "Monte", just south of where you used to live. (started reading it as I had grand illusions about doing the same thing...packing up and moving to CR) It seems as though your blogging and attitude has decreased dramatically since you have become permanant CR expats. Is it all you thought? Are you enjoying it? Any regrets? Is lack of posting due to lack of access? Just curious....Great fun blog to read though...keep it up!

Jones Family said...

I love it here and am glad we made the move but I would have to say it is not for everyone.

We don´t have internet access at home and the local internet places are overrun by kids most of the time so getting time to add to the blog can be difficult!

Thanks for reading! Let me know if there is anything I can help with if you decide to make the move.